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Online Games About Money For Kids

There are several Online Games About Money For Kids. You can play free versions of popular games such as Cash Puzzler or Mydoh Play. You can also buy a board game, such as Act Your Wage!, that teaches kids about money and its value. For kids under eight years of age, the U.S. Mint offers a free money game for kids. These games are also available online for free.

Mydoh Play

The Mydoh Play online games about money feature is a fun way to teach your children about money while having fun too! It includes more than 50 short lessons that help your child learn about how to manage their money and how to handle peer pressure. The smart cash card is another fun feature, and it works like a pre-paid Visa. It works through the Apple Wallet, and your child can use it to make purchases.

Cash Puzzler

A simple puzzle game that engages kids is the Cash Puzzler. This game involves cutting up a bill into pieces, revealing fun facts about the president on the bill. It also features a number of educational games, such as Counting with Coins, which teaches kids the value of money. They also get to earn virtual money and use it to buy Peter Pig accessories. If you’d like to try out some of these money-themed games for your kids, check out the websites below.

Peter Pig’s Money Counter

A free online activity for kids aged five to eight years old, Peter Pig’s Money Counter features three games that help young kids learn about money and counting coins. Children can spend their virtual coins to buy accessories, save, and more, while learning fun facts about money. The game can be completed in under five minutes. There are three levels of difficulty to play. Once completed, the player can even try to earn some real cash, too!

Act Your Wage! board game

The Act Your Wage! board game for kids about money is a combination of chance and skill. Each player receives a Life card with various information, melbet including the number of children, vocation, and income earned. They also receive three debt cards, each corresponding to different bills that they must pay. As the game progresses, players must keep their emergency fund high, while also minimizing their expenses. The game is also designed for wholesome family nights, with several levels of difficulty.

Stock Market Game

If you’re looking for online games about money for kids, you’ve come to the right place. The Stock Market Game has been around since 1977, and is aimed at young children starting from scratch. Its interactive features give children a hands-on experience, while teachers can take advantage of the SMG Teacher Support Center, which includes curriculum resources, lesson plans, and standard correlations. It’s an excellent resource for teaching kids about money, and is perfect for use in the classroom, too.

Web Tycoon Simulator

If you’re looking for an online game about money for kids, look no further than Web Tycoon Simulation. This game teaches kids about the concept of supply and demand, dominating market space, and hostile business takeovers. The game also teaches kids about the importance of following instructions, as each decision will have repercussions on other players. To win, the first player to build eight ice cream stores wins the game. In order to do so, each player will incur capital costs – a $20 bank loan and $2 to get started. Once this capital is paid back, the goal of the game is to earn the most profit after paying back the initial loan and the interest.